Crossroads Prayer Partners

We know that ultimately our battle is spiritual. Our enemy wants pregnant women in crisis to give in to a culture of death and darkness, and our staff offers light, hope and life. To help us fight this battle, we need your prayer support. One goal is to have round-the-clock prayer coverage for mission, staff, and the families we serve. We invite YOU to help us meet this goal!


PRAYER COMMITMENT: Make a commitment as an individual, a prayer group or as a church to pray daily or weekly for Crossroads Pregnancy Resource Center.

PRAYER RESOURCES: Use your own prayer resources as a guide or the following prayer material is available for printing:

PRAYER REQUEST: Send an email to to be added to a list of Prayer Warriors for more specific prayer requests, answered prayers and/or additional prayer resources will be periodically emailed to participants.

MEETING REQUEST OR HAVE QUESTIONS? Please email us with your request or questions along with a call back phone number to:

Pray For Abortion-Vulnerable Women

Every day we see women who are convinced abortion is their only option. Alone and scared, they don’t see another way. After seeing an ultrasound, many feel empowered to choose life but their circumstances haven’t changed. Please pray for them to stay strong in their resolve to choose and embrace life in spite of the odds. Pray for them to love their children. Pray for them to come to Christ for their salvation and source of their strength.

Pray For Our Staff & Volunteers

Our work is emotionally and spiritually taxing. We face the reality of death through abortion every day and interact with women from difficult backgrounds and in heartbreaking circumstances. Though our work is fulfilling, it is also very difficult. Our staff are sometimes some of only a few people who “see” the baby when he or she is alive if the mother still chooses abortion. Pray that our staff and volunteers are able to get the rest and separation they need to bless every woman who comes through our doors in need of help and support.

Pray For An End To Abortion

Ultimately, we pray for an end to abortion. This is an evil we want to be in the past and we pray for a culture that embraces and values life. Please join us in praying for an end to abortion in our community, state, nation, and around the world.